iOS vs. Android Marketplace Percentage: Do Extra Other people Have iPhones or Android Telephones?

On every occasion I declare that Android is the most well liked cell running machine on this planet, a definite go phase of other folks take a look at me like I have misplaced my thoughts. They’ll additionally make claims like, I do not even know any Android customers. The ones individuals who query my sanity are, invariably, from the USA.

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Android marketplace efficiency vs. iOS through the years

You spot, there’s one distinctive development that has been remarkably constant during the last few years:

  • Android holds an enormous marketplace proportion in comparison to iOS international.
  • iOS has a cast marketplace proportion in comparison to Android in the USA

In step with the newest stats from Statcounter, the worldwide marketplace proportion looks as if this:

  • Android: 67.56%
  • iOS: 31.6%

However in america, that marketplace proportion looks as if this:

  • iOS: 62.13%
  • Android: 37.47%

On the other hand, Android hasn’t at all times been within the lead globally. In line with Statcounter numbers from the previous 14 years, iOS at one level had a bigger world proportion than Android. Whilst different cell running methods like Symbian OS and BlackBerry OS have fallen by way of the wayside, Android has began to catch up. Lately, iOS has began to regain a few of its misplaced world proportion, but it surely nonetheless lags in the back of Android.

World Marketplace Percentage vs. US by way of running machine by way of 12 months

Month 12 months Android (world) iOS (world) Android (US) iOS (US)
December 2022 72.37% 26.98% 43.75% 55.85%
December 2021 70.01% 29.24% 40.54% 59.15%
December 2020 72.48% 26.91% 38.76% 61.07%
December 2019 74.13% 24.79% 44.29% 55.55%
December 2018 75.16% 21.98% 42.75% 56.91%
December 2017 73.54% 19.91% 45.04% 54.42%
December 2016 71.97% 18.89% 45.14% 53.7%
December 2015 65.9% 19.21% 45.65% 51.86%
December 2014 59.15% 23.51% 47.32% 49.54%
December 2013 42.99% 21.82% 39.25% 51.75%
December 2012 33.19% 23.26% 40.22% 50.49%
December 2011 21.83% 22.71% 40.92% 42.52%
December 2010 13.6% 23.57% 25.46% 33.55%
December 2009 4.07% 32.05% 10.62% 53.26%

In america, iOS’s lead over Android has fluctuated since rival running methods toppled off the charts within the early 2010s. However Apple’s running machine used to be nonetheless persistently the extra common of the 2 platforms in america 12 months after 12 months. 12 months.

On the other hand, on an international marketplace scale, Android nonetheless surpasses Apple by way of a big margin.

Android and iOS: price vs. reputation

Android holds the worldwide marketplace proportion in large part because of its affordability in comparison to Apple international. On the other hand, Apple’s price unfold, plus its branding and presence in popular culture, give it an edge in america marketplace house.


The principle explanation why Android dominates the worldwide marketplace is price. In many nations (with considerably upper populations than the USA), other folks have a lot decrease disposable source of revenue. Because of this, the primary think about opting for a telephone is price. In that area, Apple merely can not compete with Google.

Do a handy guide a rough seek on Amazon and you’ll be able to in finding Android telephones beginning at $49.99 with the BLU Advance L5 That is proper, not up to $50. The most affordable iPhone on Amazon is a Tracfone Apple iPhone 7 4G, beginning at $97. Ignoring the truth that each units are nearly out of date, you’ll have a low-end model of 1 for inexpensive, whilst the opposite instrument will price you nearly $100.

For some, $100 is like trade at the sofa. For others, it is a month’s wage or extra. To that finish, Android is the transparent selection. Given the rampant poverty in such a lot of international locations around the globe, the life of inexpensive telephones makes Android a more sensible choice than iOS.

The most important think about Android’s hang on world marketplace proportion may most likely come all the way down to Asia, a continent with an enormous inhabitants, the place greater than 320 million other folks are living in excessive poverty. That is nearly the inhabitants of the USA (in 2023, the inhabitants of the USA used to be 340 million).

Have been it now not for carriers spreading out iPhone bills over the years, we might most likely see US and world marketplace stocks extra consistent with each and every different.

Since carriers in america have unfold the cost of the units over two years, a $700 iPhone turns into a viable acquire for many. That is made much more sexy while you take a look at a flagship instrument. Just about any American can personal a among the finest iPhone when the fee is damaged down into per thirty days installments which equate to price now not being an element.


The apple is massive. There’s no means round it. As a emblem, Apple has keep watch over over the entirety with its merchandise. In contrast to Android units, the place Google makes the running machine and OEMs make the {hardware}, Apple helps to keep the entirety. On account of this, Apple can care for a stranglehold on high quality keep watch over, such that its merchandise (for probably the most section) revel in top-to-bottom reliability.

You infrequently pay attention other folks complaining about Apple {hardware}. The intersection of Apple {hardware} and tool can’t be surpassed. Even Google Pixel units do not revel in the similar stage of consistency.

As a emblem, other folks in america accept as true with Apple greater than Google. That accept as true with is going means past telephones and into knowledge and what’s completed with that knowledge. Past the accept as true with, the Apple emblem is solely extra glossy and subtle than Google’s. Believe ads for each iPhone and Android units. Apple by no means fails to ship ads with the precise stylish sheen that buyers on this nation need to see.

Google, then again, has a tendency to lean extra in opposition to the nicer facet of promoting. Their emblem is even an lovable robotic. So when American customers see the 2 other ads, one merely appears extra skilled. Apple by no means fails to give itself as a whole emblem and that is necessary for customers within the richest international locations.

popular culture

The USA is a rustic repeatedly below the thumb of popular culture. I’d move so far as to mention that I infrequently see an Android telephone being utilized in TV or films. While you pay attention a message beep or an incoming name for your display, it is nearly at all times the sound of Apple cashing in. I every now and then see used Android units, however for probably the most section, TV and Motion pictures default to Apple.

This exerts a formidable affect on customers. The courtroom of public opinion helps to keep tabs on their favourite presentations and their favourite characters on their favourite presentations. When audience see their favourite characters retaining an iPhone, they are going to really feel pressured to shop for one.

The conclusions are simple to attract

Far and wide the sector, appears and developments are not as necessary as practicality. The ones in poverty most likely do not take a look at the emblem or options when opting for a telephone. So long as the telephone could make calls and (once in a while) be on-line, it might serve its goal. If Apple had been to unencumber an iPhone that would compete with Android at the low-end marketplace, it might give Google a major run for its cash. I do not be expecting this to occur any time quickly, so Android will proceed to dominate the worldwide telephone marketplace for future years.

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